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Founded in 1977 by Gwydion Pendderwen, Forever Forests is our ecological mission, through which we do work toward healing the planet in the form of tree planting festivals and information dissemination about forestry.

Gwydion preparing a tree for planting.
Gwydion prepares tree roots for planting

We have planted Cedar, Pine, Douglas Fir and Redwood on logged-over land at Annwfn as well as other parts of Northern California. Since 1977, tens of thousands of trees have been planted by our efforts.

Our primary Tree Planting gathering has traditionally occurred in early to mid-January. At other times of the year we plant fruit and nut trees, practice organic gardening, do erosion control and also assist other groups in tree plantings. Our tree plantings are combined with ritual healing ceremonies for our Mother, organic cooking, music and entertainment, hot tubs and a yearly forum. Our purpose is to combine the ecological with the spiritual.

Gwydion's spiritual connection to this land and commitment to healing the Earth led him to found The Elliptical Congregation in 1978 as a West Coast "Nest" of The Church of All Worlds, to which he donated all his land and its buildings. The land is held under The Elliptical Congregation's title to this day, and cannot be owned by individuals.

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